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3 Important Tips on a Celebrity Diet

Celebrity – be it a man or a woman – always come in front of the world as a healthy and happy individual. Any celebrity falling ill is a very rare case we hear of and when it happens, it comes up as big news!

The main secret behind this is the balanced diet and the lifestyle followed by these celebrities. They are the main source of inspiration found around oneself to attain good health.

Today, looking at the female celebrities, young girls crave to get a zero figure and a proper shape of the body; whereas, looking at male models, boys crave to build a strong physique and muscles. Be it a girl or a boy everyone is curious to know the celebrity diet tips.

Exercise and work out –

  • Research on interviews of some celebrities indicates that most celebrities normally tend to spend a fixed amount of time in work out, strictly, in spite of their heavy work routines. They have long and variable work hours. Thus it is difficult to maintain proper food timings. It is therefore important for the celebrities to dedicate certain hours for work out.
  • The choice of workout may vary from person to person. Some celebrities find that they are comfortable with yoga, some do aerobics or some prefer to visit a gym.
  • The best kind of exercise is early morning jogging or early morning walk for a few miles.
  • Meditation helps the celebrities keep their mind calm and fresh so that they can concentrate on their work better and present themselves in front of all better.
  • Thus the main celebrity diet tip is to dedicate sometime for exercise everyday.

Balanced Diet –

  • After long work hours and dedicated time for work out, celebrities tend to spend time in analyzing their diet plan.
  • It is extremely important to rejuvenate the body cells that are exhausted in the daily activities and work out.
  • Some celebrities cut down on their sugar and fat intake after a proper diagnosis from their advisor, about the areas that have major fat deposits in the body.
  • In order to lose weight celebrities withdraw from the non-vegetarian meals. They cut off themselves from the white and red meat and increase vegetarian intake.
  • Citrus fruits like sweet-lime, lemon, and oranges nourish the skin and give a younger glowing skin.
  • One of the alternatives to cut down on munching in between making meals, celebrities tends to keep chewing a sugar free chewing gum.
  • Thus the celebrity diet tip for food intake is that one should have a balanced vegetarian diet.

Drinking habits –

  • Celebrities normally should keep themselves away from drug abuse.
  • In order to maintain their fresh and energetic look, celebrities tend to keep away from alcohol intake.
  • Some celebrities opt for red bull instead of wine or alcohol.
  • The next celebrity diet tip, thus tells to keep away from alcohol.

Thus, dieticians’ suggestions and the celebrities’ habits are nearly same. The name, fame and glamour of the celebrities that tends one to get inclined towards the diet tips followed by these celebrities.


Tips on Becoming and Leading a Celebrity Lifestyle!

Anyone can be a celebrity! That’s really true!

You just need to know the strategies to pave the path for your celebrity destination. However, once you know the tricks of the trade, you need to consistently strive to

Who Is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is a person who has already attained a status in the society. A celebrity is variously known as ‘glitterati’, ‘well-known person’, or ‘a person who is famous in any field, with specific importance to the field of entertainment’.

Be a Celebrity at Zero Cost

Celebrities are not only born; and celebrities are also made. You too can be a celebrity… and that too at no cost! And, believe me, you don’t need any dough to achieve that status.

Then, what does it require to be a celebrity. Well, the cue is that the celebrity status is yours for the asking.

The Celebrity Price

All it requires is a bit of determination wedded to grit and to vow by the words ‘Never say die!’

Such persons have attained this position owing to their concentrated dedication to their job. They have further wedded to it the added qualities of not just being a hard worker but also a smart worker.

The Role Of Celebrity

The role of a celebrity is of quite significance. This is primarily because they become the role models for thousands of others harboring the dreams of becoming celebrities. These ardent followers look up to their idols for almost every course of action. As a result, the celebrity transforms into a demigod!

Such blind faith in the ideal person makes them totally blind to all foibles of the celebrity.

Lifestyle Of Celebrities

It is against this backdrop that the lifestyles of the celebrities become the models for their follower. Obviously, all celebrities need to be on constant guard insofar as their day-to-day behavior is concerned.

Besides the role model of a celebrity, this icon is always under the scanner – not just of the media but also of his supporters as well as his detractors.

The celebrities must always endeavor to set examples to others. Most of the celebrities follow the philosophy of simple living and high thinking. Their hard and concentrated labor gets doubly reflected in their personality.

Celebrity: Combination Of Qualities

Celebrities are born out of a combination of two important qualities. These are those of being a hard worker and also a smart worker. Now what is the connotation of these terms ‘hard worker’ and ‘smart worker’.

Well, let’s try to analyze the meaning with reference to a real-life situation.

Peter, a lumberjack was employed. The person was handed over the axe and asked to saw the wood at the factory. The dedicated lumberjack took the job very seriously. He didn’t even go for lunch, and didn’t take the tea break. He kept on cutting the woods continuously.

As he went to collect his day’s wages, the manager tendered him the papers. In other words, he was sacked after working for the scheduled eight hours at the end of the very first day. The flabbergasted lumberjack asked the manager the cause for the extreme action taken against him. The manager showed the sad and shocked lumberjack the quantity of wood cut by him and then compared it with the amounts of his compatriots.

The lumberjack failed to understand the huge gap in the results.

The reason was that the lumberjack was a really hard worker, and just a hard worker. Actually, the lumberjack didn’t know how to be a smart worker.

The manager asked him a simple question, “Did you even once sharpen your axe?”

The poor lumberjack realized his folly, finally.


The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon: Whatever Is So Alluring About It?

Do you have a favourite motion picture star or television star? If you do, have you ever wondered what their personal life was like. If you have, you are clearly not alone. In today’s society, it seems as if many individuals are interested in knowing the most recent news or gossip surrounding today’s most popular stars. In addition to who is dating who, a focus is also placed on celebrity fashions. In fact, there are many out there who choose that they could get dressed and appear like one of their favourite celebrities. While this feeling is quite common, it often leaves lots of others wondering why.

When it comes to examining the celebrity fashion phenomenon it is actually hard to come up with an answer as to why it is so popular. Different individuals like to appear and dress like celebrities for different reasons, some of which are easier to explain than others. Just a few of the many reasons why the celebrity fashion phenomenon has gained such a following are touched on below.

The thing about celebrities is that they are in demand and well-known. In fact, lots of celebrities cannot even leave their homes without being recognized and prodded for autographs by fans. While many celebrities choose that they might change this, there are lots of “everyday,” individuals who prefer that they had their own fan following or prefer that they were as in demand. Although dressing a certain way or in a certain style of clothing isn’t necessarily guaranteed to make you more popular, there are lots of individuals out there who think that it does. These are frequently the individuals who regularly checkout the newest in celebrity fashion trends.

Another one of the many reasons why the celebrity fashion phenomenon is continuing to increase in numbers is because celebrities are often well-known for their fashion choices. If you were to turn your television on to a fashion show or even just a news channel, read a fashion magazine, or visit an online celebrity gossip website, there is a good chance that you will find a celebrity being complimented in their good taste in clothing. Most “everyday,” individuals aren’t always complimented on their clothing or fashion accessories, although lots of choose that they were. That is one of the many reasons why lots of individuals try to keep up with celebrity fashions and copy them, in any way possible.

Although there are some out there who view the celebrity fashion phenomenon as an unhealthy obsession, there is veritably really nothing wrong with keeping up with the newest in celebrity fashions. What you need to remember though is that just because it looks good on a celebrity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same thing will look good on you. You should additionally keep price in mind. lots of celebrities have unlimited financial resources; therefore, the cost of clothing and fashion accessories isn’t always an issue for them, but it may for you. Of course, you can get dressed like a celebrity if you want to, but you need to remember that celebrity fashions regularly change; therefore, there is no need for you to go broke trying to afford the “hottest,” trends that may only last for a few weeks.


The Shocking Truth About Celebrity Endorsed Diets

There is no doubt that we love our celebrities.

Just look at the number of tabloids at the checkout line of any market.

Consider the entertainment magazines available including PeopleUs WeeklyEntertainment WeeklyStar Magazine, and so many more.

Entertainment TV shows include E! Entertainment Television, Entertainment Tonight, and others.

Then you have shows all about the Kardashians and similar “celebrity” oriented programs.

We seem to love watching “stars” shine and stumble with shows like Dancing With The Stars.

The list seems never-ending.

And, if you still have doubts about how much we love – even idolize – celebrities, consider how much you’re willing to shell out for tickets for live performances or even just to go a movie these days. To do what? Watch celebrities.

What Do You Have In Common With Celebrity Dieters?

What on Earth do you think you have in common with those celebrities?

How do they go about losing weight?

Are you really the same as the them when it comes to health and nutrition and dieting?

Are they good role models for your weight loss efforts?

Here are just a couple of differences between you dieting in real life and them dieting as “spokesdieters” for mega million dollar dieting programs.

I suppose the biggest difference between your real life and their celebrity life is that they have entourages and staffs and chefs and personal trainers at their beck and call to help and support them to stick to their diets and exercise programs.

You, on the other hand, have yourself. OK, maybe, if you’re lucky, you may have one or two family members supporting you, and maybe a friend or two. But your supporters are not being paid by you, are not there for you 24/7, and let’s face it, at the end of the day, they aren’t truly invested in your success.

In reality, the celebrities are surrounded with support and encouragement and you are pretty much alone.

The second huge difference between you and your favorite spokesdieter is that the famous celebrity is getting paid handsomely not just to endorse the diet, but also to try to convince you it actually works – their “job” is to lose weight.

You, on the other hand – unless you are incredibly unusual – don’t have a soul on Earth who’s going to pay you millions to lose a few pounds.

The celebrities have a huge incentive to stick to the diet beyond good looks and good health. An incentive that you’ll never have. A massive financial incentive.

We could go on with this list of differences between you and the celebrities endorsing diets, but I think you get the idea.

But one truth to take away is that they have a level of support and a huge financial incentive that you’ll never have.

What You Can Do

There are 2 big things you can do – as a mere mortal not a celebrity – to help yourself in your weight loss efforts.

First, don’t delude yourself. Of course you’re exactly like the celebrity spokesdieters in the sense that you’re human and so are they.

But just because they can make a diet work with all the paid support they get and all the pay they receive for doing it, doesn’t mean it’s actually any easier for them than it is for you. That’s a good truth to keep in mind.

And, another important truth is that even with the paid support and the pay they receive, even they can’t or don’t always make it work.

Case in point: Kirstie Ally as the celebrity spokesdieter for Jenny Craig a few years back.

If you remember, Ms. Ally lost something like 80 pounds right before our very eyes on television.

And then, after quitting Jenny, every one of us saw her all over the tabloids, entertainment magazines, and entertainment television shows 80 or more pounds heavier within about a year.

The truth and the lesson is that celebrities are human, too. And, if you don’t stick with your diet and healthy eating, of course it’s not going to do you a bit of good any more than it will do them a bit of good if they don’t stick with it.

Sticking to it. That’s the key. That’s the truth.

Which brings us to the second big thing you can do for yourself. Follow these 6 simple Guidelines to help you stick to your diet, weight loss, and healthy living plan.


Celebrities And Their Electronic Accessory

Celebrities have fame and fortune, which affords them luxuries that the everyday person cannot afford. Top celebrities have the cash to enjoy the finer things in life and if they find something they want, they simply buy it! One area of shopping that celebrities tend to lean toward is electronics. Most people want to have the latest technological gadgets from sound system equipment to phones and other mobile devices. Celebrities have the funds to be able to purchase these items as soon as they come out.

Sound System Equipment

Celebrities, like everyday people, enjoy listening to their favorite artists. A purchase choice that many celebrities take advantage of is sound system options. From tricking out their car to their home theater system, celebrities have the option of purchasing whatever they like for their entertainment needs. Many celebrities have full theaters in their home and have systems that allow for screening of their latest movies or to listen to their favorite artists, including themselves!

Mobile Phones

Celebrities also stay up to date on mobile phone options. From the latest Apple or Google release, celebrities have the cash to purchase the latest mobile phones even if their contract is not up! Most of us have to wait until we can get the latest phone for free or at a very low price. However, celebrities have the cash to purchase the latest items now! We all get jealous when we see our favorite celebrities walking around with the latest mobile device, when it has barely hit the shelves!

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are another hot electronic accessory that celebrities have easy access to. Many celebrities earn such devices during red carpet events for free, despite the fact that they can easily afford the options. From iPads, to iPods and other options, celebrities have all the mobile technology at their fingertips! Celebrities simply use the extra cash they have to purchase the latest mobile devices as they are released.


Actor and Actress also love gaming. From Xbox 360 to Playstation 3, celebrities love playing video games with their celebrity friends and family. Celebrities can easily afford the latest gaming systems, which us regular people have to wait until holidays or save up enough cash to be able to afford the expensive systems. Celebrities are given access to the latest gaming technologies and they have the cash to be able to purchase any gaming items they wish.

Television Remote Systems

Another technology accessory that celebrities have is television remote systems. We have all see celebrities showing off their homes and they will show their huge television which has a large touch screen remote that they can use to change channels, listen to music or even control security cameras. Celebrities have access to the technology that regular people can only dream of! celebrities can pay for expensive technology to control their televisions from all locations in the home as well as other unique features.


Celebrities have to stay in the loop when it comes to the latest computer technology. Celebrities have the latest laptops, Mac systems and other computer options that are not as easy for regular people to access. Celebrities want to stay connected just like us and they need computers to connect on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Celebrities also use this technology to be able to promote themselves so it is essential to be able to have the latest technologies.


Life As a Celebrity

Most of the people grow up adoring a celebrity in their life. It may be due to their achievements, fame, money etc. Idolizing depends upon the interest of a person. Some people may be interested in sports and may be aspired by a sports icon, or politics etc. Every celebrity is admired by the contributions they have done in respective fields. People look up on their talents and get inspired by them. It is important to publicize the life of the celebrity to obtain inspiration from them.

Celebrities cannot be created

People become celebrities because they bore the talent with them from their birth. Every person has an inborn feature and qualities. People who give an extra concern to these qualities will be highlighted. Most of the people achieve a stand in the society by working hard and giving their commitment and dedication to what they do. Celebrities are also a part of the society but they stand out because they do things differently in life. Apart from idolizing, celebrities must also be admired and appreciated for the risks and challenges they take in their life. It is important that every individual must try to adapt the good qualities of the celebrities which provoked them to be one.

No person is a celebrity overnight

Many people are spellbound on the glamour and grandeur in the world of celebrities. They feel that it is a life of comfort and luxury with all the conveniences, label and reputation. It is only one part of the celebrity world. A person becomes a celebrity after several years of persistent efforts a person becomes a celebrity.

Gossips… Changing celebrity lives

Even though the life of a celebrity mainly circulates around fame, appreciation and money; all these things have also brought them ill fate. Most of the celebrities fall for gossips. It is a common problem that is suffered by most of the celebrities across the globe. If an individual is a celebrity, then they will bind to be a part of the gossips. Gossips will not only spoil their professional life but their personal too. Some gossips have also caused a strong impact on the lives of the celebrities. There are several sources through which a celebrity gossips spread likes forest fire. People must see to that they do not pass out a gossip on a celebrity just because they are famous. It is important for every individual to understand that celebrities are also human and they too have their own space and feelings.


The Power of Celebrity Endorsements in Social Media Marketing

Turn on the TV, check Facebook, look at an ad in print or online and there’s a good chance you’ll see a celebrity endorsing a product. This very common marketing practice has been around for decades and has only picked up more traction in today’s social media driven environment. Add to our culture’s fascination with celebrities and their lives, social media has enabled many people to connect and keep up with their favorite celebs on a daily basis. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media networks, a celebrity now has instant access to thousands, if not millions, of fans to share things about their life, but also to promote themselves, their beliefs, and also products and companies.

Unfortunately for many businesses, when it comes to utilizing celebrity endorsements, there is still a misconception that it’s too expensive to justify or just not in their budget. While this could be considered true back in the 80s, 90s, and throughout the early 2000s, these days it can cost less (depending on the celebrity) than what some small businesses spend on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in a few months or a billboard in Boston for 4 weeks. While every business is different, and marketing goals vary depending on factors, for many, especially those promoting a product, it is at least worth considering if a celebrity endorsement is right for them.

In addition to being affordable, celebrity endorsements through social media networks bring a slew of advantages over traditional social media marketing. First and foremost is reach. There’s a very good chance that the celebrity you get to endorse your product or company has more followers than your business. For those familiar with Facebook, we know that when we make a post, it doesn’t reach our entire network but instead to a percentage, at least without paying to “boost” the post. While most will pay for the “boost” in campaigns involving celebrity endorsements, you’re still going to reach a larger number of people either way.

Now what about the people you are going to reach? These are people actively following the celebrity, so they are actually paying attention to what is being posted. It’s not like an ad to the side of their posts, this is part of the content they generate, which gets it right in front of their followers, many of whom who take opinions of the celebrities they follow into consideration when making decisions. This is why celebrity endorsements for large businesses, politics, and definitely charities have been common for a long time.

There are still other factors one should take into account when selecting the right celebrity to endorse their company or product. While price will be a consideration most will immediately think about, there’s something more important for success. Having a million followers is great, but after talking to Bob Cefail (owner of CshopTV), I’ve learned there are three key points to think about.

The first thing to consider, is the celebrity the right fit for your product and is your product the right fit for the celebrity? You don’t sell diamond necklaces in a golf equipment store, likewise you don’t have a young female celebrity endorsing men’s healthcare products on social media. When I discussed product endorsement with Bob Cefail I was told, “You want a product that the celebrity would actually use. Their followers want to know about them so a product they’d use is interesting. If it’s something that just feels like it’s just straight up promoting a product it loses its impact on the audience.”

The second, are these followers your demographic? If a celebrity has 5 million followers, there will most likely be at least some that match the demographic you are seeking, but if it’s not a large percentage of their group it might be best to rethink the celebrity you want to use. This is the normal factors you have to consider in all forms of marketing, but with celebrity endorsements on social media you can get really great figures up front to help you make the right decision for your company.

Lastly, and possibly one of the most import, is how does this celebrity interact with their followers? There are some that make obligatory posts to keep their presence on social media, but then there are those that actually work to build a relationship with their followers through social media. As a fan of the CW’s “Arrow”, I’d be amiss if I didn’t say that Stephen Amell is a wonderful example of building relationship with fans through social media. He host’s live Q&As, regularly updates about all sorts of things that are important to him but also has regular life updates and makes goody posts. He answers comments, posts videos from the set of the show and while out on convention tours. Followers of Stephen Amell (and many of the other various CW shows casts) are genuinely engaged and interested in what’s coming next. When I used discussed this with Bob Cefail he informed me, “There is nothing better than an actively engaged celebrity. You find that their followers feel they can actually relate to the celebrity as a regular person on some levels and not just someone they see in the limelight.”

While celebrity endorsements through social media networks might not be for everyone, it’s something that any business can consider and explore the many options available.


Celebrity Makeup Secrets: How To Get Your Best Look Ever With Celebrity Tips And Products!

Why does celebrity makeup always look so perfect?

Celebrity makeup artists have tons of tips and techniques for applying makeup that most people never heard of! Want to be one of the few in-the-know? We’ve gathered some great ones for you right here! Here you will learn some great makeup application secrets to get your most flattering eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, concealer, foundation, blush and lips ever

Celebrity Eyes:

Makeup artists have many tricks up their sleeves to make celebrities’ eyes pop! They first put an eye shadow primer or some foundation on the eyelids, so that the eye shadow has something to hold onto. For eye shadow colors, they’ll select three shades which are variations on the same color (i.e. light green, medium green, and dark green), or in the same neutral color family (i.e. beige, brown, and dark brown). They will put the lightest color on the brow bone, the medium color on the lid, and the darkest color in the crease. This will emphasize the shape of the eyes and make them stand out!

Other tricks for glammed-up, red carpet eyes include lining the lower inner rim of the eyes with a white pencil to make them appear bigger and applying shimmery clear lip gloss to the top eyelids to make eyes sparkle. Celebrity makeup artists also apply shimmer powder under the brow bone to draw more attention to the eye area and they always smude eyeliner with a Q-tip to make it look less severe or smokier.

To create cat-eyes (like Brigitte Bardot in the sixties or Pamela Anderson today), celebrity makeup artists use dark brown or black eyeliner to exaggerate the end of the eye so it turns up slightly. If you decide to go this route, remember that smudging is the key to perfecting this look!

Celebrity Eyelashes:

Celebrity makeup artists also have many secrets for eyelashes! They always curl eyelashes first to maximize length and curl. They then dust them with powder which makes the eyelashes look much thicker after the mascara is applied! Celebrity makeup artists will often use two coats of mascara, the first will be a lengthening or separating formula, and the second, a thickening formula, to max out eyelash potential! Mascara clumps are combed out between coats.

For special occasions celebrities may use false eyelashes (their secret is dark eyelash glue) or may have eyelash extensions applied which are semi-permanent variations.

Celebrity Eyebrows:

Celebrity makeup artists know that enhancing the shape of the eyebrows is one of the most dramatic ways to improve a celebrity’s appearance. Celebrity makeup artists use Treezerman brand tweezers most often to shape eyebrows. They tweeze the hairs under the arch of the eyebrow to further emphasize it and pluck away any strays. Eyebrows are filled in with the feathery strokes of an eyebrow pencil in either “blonde “or “taupe” for blondes, “auburn” for redheads, and light brown or medium brown for brunettes. Only black-haired gals should fill in their eyebrows with a “dark brown” eyebrow pencil” and nobody should use a black eyebrow pencil as it looks too severe. A secret weapon of celebrity makeup artists is brow sealant, which keeps this brow look in shape all day.

Celebrity Concealer:

Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics is favored by many celebrity makeup artists. Concealer is usually applied with an eye shadow brush. It is applied in thin layers which are “built up” until the blemish is covered. Concealer typically is applied before foundation. For really red blemishes, makeup artists often use a green concealer first which tones the redness down under foundation.

Celebrity Foundation:

Laura Mercier Foundation is very popular with celebrities. Foundation is usually applied by celebrity makeup artists with a sponge for the most natural looking coverage. Celebrity makeup artists use a foundation primer which is worn between your moisturizer and your foundation. This product refines the skin and helps foundation stay in place all day. If you can’t spring just yet for celebrity products, try Revlon’s Color Stay Foundation with Soft-flex, which stays in place all day and comes in an extensive variety of shades.

Celebrity Powder:

Celebrity makeup artists almost always use loose powder in a translucent or skin matching shade. They will apply it with a puff and then dust it away with a big brush, or will apply it with the big brush, being sure to shake off any excess first. Then the celebrity will carry around a pressed powder or blotting papers in her evening bag for touch ups. Some celebrities skip powder all together for their dry skinned clients. Powder is great for keeping foundation in place for the longest period of time, however.

Celebrity Blush:

Nars and Stila blushes are very popular with celebrity makeup artists. While these are powder blushes, there are other makeup artists who prefer gel blush because of the dewy, healthy glow it imparts. Blush is never applied with anything but a big, fluffy brush. It is applied on the apples of the cheeks in circles, or is swept from the apples to the hair line. Shimmery blushes like Nars blush in Torrid can make the cheeks appear to be glowing, according to celebrity fans.

Celebrity Lips:

MAC lipliner in Spice is the shade thought to most closely resemble natural lip color for most people and is a favorite of celebrity makeup artists. Celebrities often use lip-plumping products like City Lips and LipFusion which have both won awards from Good Housekeeping! Lip gloss is applied at least to the center of the bottom lip to make it look fuller.


How Celebrity is Celebrity

What really makes a celebrity a true celebrity? Is it the news coverage? The pursuit of tabloids? Perhaps sheer popularity is what drives us to call movie stars, musicians, and politicians celebrities. If that is the case, are the non-traditional stars celebrities as well?

In order to find a satisfactory answer to this dilemma, one must look for a celebrity index. has developed an algorithm to assign a value to a celebrity, much as stocks are assigned a monetary value in order for site visitors or members to build celebrity portfolio. The algorithm takes into consideration the amount and timing of news items pertaining to celebrities as well as the popularity of the celebrity as a portion of online portfolios. But does this adequately measure the amount of celebrity status an individual has achieved?


To determine this, we need to consider what celebrity actually means. The American Heritage Dictionary defines celebrity as “a famous person,” or “renown, fame.” That definition is very broad indeed. To be renown is to simply be well-known. Osama Bin Laden is well-known, but does not necessarily have the same following as Jessica Alba. By this definition, however, they are both celebrities.

Thus, to be a celebrity, one must be either famous or infamous, and the distinction is not relevant. By this same token, individuals who have developed a following in unconventional ways such as the internet or reality programming are certainly celebrities as well – albeit some have more global coverage than others. So to measure the amount of celebrity an individual has obtained, one would simply need to measure his or her popularity.

Measuring Popularity

Before the information age, to measure popularity would involve countless newspaper and magazine searches. Print resources as well as television and radio contained any and all celebrity news and gossip. With the advent of the internet, this changed, of course. In present times, the internet has not only opened countless doors to those aspiring to stardom, but has developed a multitude of news and gossip outlets as well.

Most of the conventional media outlets – magazines, newspapers, radio, and television have developed an online presence. Often these websites contain more information pertaining to celebrities than the original medium. Those interested in entertainment news now have almost countless methods to find the information they seek.

The fastest way to find information online, however, is through the search engines. Major search engines index all web pages and online news items as they are developed, and offer users a chance to hone in on the desired material. Searching for celebrities will pull up thousands, if not millions, of relevant results. It follows that by simply counting the number of searches and articles for each celebrity, one could understand the popularity of that individual.

Celebrity Contest

It seems the algorithm developed by holds true. The algorithm assigns value to a celebrity based on the number and age of news items and searches, which is the best indicator of popularity. Of course, the algorithm also includes results from, which are a valid indicator as well.

If a celebrity is popular, he or she will be included in many portfolios. If he is becoming blasé, he will be dropped from portfolios in favor of more popular individuals. If a celebrity is looking for a gauge of her own value, she can perform a complicated web analysis, or simply track her price changes on to understand how her fan base is feeling. Of course, fans can search for the value of their favorite celebrity, and even cash in on the details only devoted fans are privy to – insider trading if you will.


Who Really Owns Celebrities?

Celebrities today seem to be up for grabs. Photographers and tabloid writers feel free to spy on celebrities and follow them constantly. Celebrities seem to have different feeling about this. Some celebrities play along with the paparazzi and seem to tolerate the intrusion in exchange for good publicity. Others are constantly embroiled in battles with the relentless photographers and often end up in court. The question undercutting all of this however is who, in fact, actually owns these celebrities?

Celebrity Ownership

Despite the pleas on some tearful celebrities, the answer is the people. The same individuals who made ordinary actors, singers, and politicians into celebrities in the first place actually hold the deed on celebrities. So long as celebrities stay in favor with the public, they continue to live a blessed existence of fame and fortune. But if a celebrity loses favor and begins to fade away, they simply cease to exist for much of the world. In some cases they might retain some of the fortune, but the fame is certainly gone.

An audience creates a celebrity. Many individuals have starred in movies or performed at concerts without gaining celebrity status. It is only when the world begins to sit up and take notice of an individual that true star status is obtained. This is how stars are born overnight. If people care about the comings and goings of an individual and the media picks up on this interest, news and tabloid coverage will increase. This creates a celebrity. If nobody cares about a singer’s shopping trips or political message, it is a safe bet that individual will not be stalked by paparazzi and won’t be gracing the covers of magazines. Simply, celebrities are selected.

The Fickle World

Human beings are fickle creatures. The general population may hold a singer in great esteem one year and have moved on completely by the next. In fact, certain television stations and websites have a made a market out of finding these former celebrities and marveling at their now “normal” lives. Other websites offer members the opportunity to demonstrate their flightiest tendencies on a daily basis.

Celebrity Websites

Certain websites have constructed an algorithm to demonstrate the popularity of celebrities. This algorithm and the celebrity’s popularity equate to a market price, much like a stock price. Members of the site are able to buy and sell celebrities for their personal portfolios and if the celebrity increases in value – both popularity and price, the portfolio value increases. If a celebrity begins to lose value, he is undesirable and dumped.

There can be no clearer message about not only the value of celebrities, but also the ownership of celebrities. Just as celebrities in a portfolio can create a return for investors, those same investors take the time to research the celebrities in forums, news articles, and blogs. This research and drive for information increases the celebrity’s popularity and price. When a celebrity fails to generate news, or generates too much bad publicity, the public will simply lose interest, the celebrity loses value, and stardom begins to fade.